We do have Wi-Fi available at the hostel, however due to all telecommunications being owned by a single company, meaning, no competition to keep the prices low enough, there is NO FREE WIFI anywhere, except for the airport, which give you a onetime log in for 30mins.


So, we sell Wi-Fi at the standard rate of $5 for 200MB which is perfect for emails or messaging and $10 for 500MB going on Facebook for a bit. On the upside, it is Vodafone Fiji, so you will be able to get roaming here if that helps.


However, if you are planning on doing a lot of video chat, I highly recommend getting a local visitors sim card as they are $49 and come loaded with 3GB which valid for 2 weeks.



Monday to Friday: 10am to 12.30pm and 8pm to 10pm

Saturday: 11am to 12 Noon and 8pm to 10pm

Sunday: 1pm



We are not open 24hours, and if you are arriving on a late flight, you will need to organise an airport transfer with us. This will include check in on arrival. Please be aware if your flight arrives in the middle of the night, early hours of the morning, for example, 1.30am, we do require your reservation to start the previous night and we can move your reservation forward to accommodate this.



Our airport pick-up for incoming flights is $15 per person, this also includes check in on arrival at the hostel.


Just to make sure we have all the correct information we require in order to organise an airport transfer for you and also to ensure we have the correct information as we are a day behind both New Zealand and Australia.


We require the flight number, time and date of arrival, exactly as shown on your ticket and just for good measure, the time and date of departure of the country you will be departing from to travel to the Cook Islands.


The easiest option is just to send a copy or snapshot of your flight arrival ticket.


Don't forget if your flight arrives in the early hours of the morning/middle of the night, eg, 1.40am, we do require your reservation to start the previous night. We can move your reservation forward if that helps



You can pay a late checkout fee. This means instead of checking out of your room at 10am, you check out at 8pm or earlier if need be. This also allows you to stay here until we lock up at 10pm, then you must leave the premises.